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Viking Jewelry from Kaupang

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Made in Norway and cast directly from the original pieces from the Viking Age.
Imported and sold exclusively by NorseAmerica

The original pieces in this line of Viking jewelry come from the early Viking Age 800-900 AD and were found in the Viking town Kaupang near Larvik. In most cases the icons represented were not only used as jewelry, but were also worn as amulets for their magical powers.

Kaupang was an important trading town during the early Viking age. Excavations indicate Kaupang was the first town in Norway with an all year habitation and of considerable size at the time. Excavation and research tells Kaupang was visited by merchants and craftsmen from all over Europe, some of whom even settled there. Traces of houses and workshops are found, along with broken manufacturing pieces that indicate comprehensive production activity had taken place. The finds from jewelry workshops are interesting and have their own stories to tell. The various tools are evidence of advanced craftsmanship. Some finds originate from the British Isles and the European continent, which demonstrate an extensive contact with Europeans. This proves the Viking town Kaupang was an important merchant and craft center. The reason for Kaupang's fall during the 10th century is not known.

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