Lewis Chessmen Set

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The Viking Lewis Chessmen are most famous Chess pieces in history!

Imported exclusively by NorseAmerica

• Cast directly from the historical artifacts, circa 1100 AD

• 3.5" pieces, 1.5" pawns

• Medieval cloth chess board included. The board including decorative elements measures approximately 17" x 21" and has 2" squares. It looks stunning when placed under a piece of glass on a glass table.

• 64 page historical book from the British Museum

The NorseAmerica Viking Isle of Lewis Chessmen set is an exact replica of an authentic 900-year-old Viking chess set. These true-size pieces are cast directly from the original Lewis chessmen, the most famous chess pieces in history. In every way possible, this quality replica is designed to maintain the integrity of the hand-carved walrus-tusk originals. Made in Europe from a crushed-stone and polyester-resin compound, these Norse chess pieces look and feel like the ancient set. The pieces measure 3.5” and the pawns are 1.5” in height. In addition to the chess pieces, the set also includes a matching cloth chess board, a 64 page historical book from the British Museum, a cardboard designer gift box with metal hardware and a historical insert. Whether using the pieces to play Chess, or to simply display in your home or office, they will be cherished by your family for generations!

NorseAmerica's chessmen are true-size reproductions of the 12th-century Lewis Chessmen found by a farmer in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis, in the Hebrides, northwest of Scotland. The original Lewis Chessmen pieces, which now reside in the British Museum, are regarded by experts as the most exquisite collection of ancient chessmen in existence.

The possible fate of an ancient Norwegian merchant ship has brought us new insight into the European Middle Ages. The Lewis chessmen were probably made between the years 1100-1130 AD. During that time the Outer Hebrides were part of the Norwegian Kingdom. It is therefore, believed that the chessmen are of Norwegian origin. A chess piece depicting a queen, nearly identical to the Lewis pieces, has been found in Trondheim, the Medieval capital of Norway. The ornaments on the back of some of the figures relate to carvings in the Nidaros Cathedral, the center of Norway's church in Trondheim. The style was typical of this region in the Middle Ages. There were a lot of walrus teeth in the city at that time, since taxes were often paid for in goods such as these. Historians believe that the Lewis Chessmen pieces were carved in one of the workshops connected to the Cathedral.

Because the Lewis Chessmen are the most famous pieces in history, you will occasionally find competitor versions. The NorseAmerica version of this set is the only set in North America being sold that is cast directly from the 12th-century original Lewis Chessmen pieces. Other chess sets don't include additional value added accessories such as the historical book, cloth chess board.

Our version of the Lewis chessmen, complete with accessories, is the premier version of the set, and makes a wonderful gift item. When you purchase the NorseAmerica set, you will be assured that you are getting the best possible Lewis Chessmen product on the market today. Don’t miss your chance to own a museum-quality replica of an ancient Viking chess set, designed for serious collectors and devoted chess players alike. Why settle for cheap imitations? Own a chess set you’ll be proud to use and display!