The Viking Adventure Game

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This is a limited edition game that is privately published, so don’t miss out on your chance to own it. In 2005 it won the “Badger” award in Wisconsin for graphic excellence, and it was a semifinalist in the international “IPPY” awards for publishing. It also took 1st prize in the international MarCom Creative Awards for education.

Up to 6 players, of all ages, can play this game at the same time. The game features playing pieces in the form of 6 different miniature replicas of real historical ships: the Fram, the Griffin, the Kon Tiki, the Oseberg, the Skuldelev and the Viking. The game comes with a ship’s log detailing the fantastic historical voyages these great ships made. It will be cherished by your family for years and years to come.

The game also features 6 decorative treasure chests to store your loot during game play, and neatly store the ship playing pieces when you are finished playing. Also included are Norse coin replicas, colorful playing cards, a treasure map game board and more. Viking Adventures compiles research from dozens of renowned sources to create a fun and memorable learning tool for the entire family.

The Viking:
This 1893 replica of the Gokstad ship sailed from Norway to the Chicago World’s Fair to prove Lief Eriksson’s c1000 voyage was possible.

The Fram:
This 1893 polar exploration vessel sailed both the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. It was the first ship to sail within miles of the North Pole. It also transported Roald Amundsen to Antarctica where he became the first person to reach the South Pole.

The Griffin:
This 1938 British racing yacht, followed Leif Eriksson’s path to North America in search of Vinland.

The Oseberg:
This Royal Norwegian Viking ship from 834 AD, belonging to Queen Aasa, is probably the most significant archeological find of the Viking Age. It now resides in the Viking Ship Museum in Norway.

The Skuldelev:
This is a 100 foot long Danish Viking war ship from c1060 with a menacing Dragon head prow. It is also the largest Viking ship ever found.

The Kon-Tiki:
This balsa wood raft was built as a copy of a prehistoric South American vessel. Created and captained by Thor Heyerdahl in 1947, it sailed 4,300 miles across the Pacific proving that ancient peoples could sail between the continents.

The Viking Adventure Game is a wonderful gift for that hard to buy for Viking in your family.

The Game includes: 

1 Treasure map game board

6 Treasure chests

45 Norse treasure coin replicas

1 Yellow die for regular play

2 Green dice for advanced play

1 Deck of full color illustrated Viking cards

1 Viking Adventure Handbook illustrated in full color

1 Ship’s Log book illustrated in full color

6 sets of color coded Challenge Cards consisting of...

8 Fate Cards

8 God’s Gift Cards

7 Conquered Country Cards

7 Cloak of Protection Cards

6 Title Cards

6 Wisdom Cards

6 Historical ship playing pieces: the Fram, the Griffin, the Kon Tiki, the Oseberg, the Skuldelev and the Viking.

“The game sells for $69.95, a steal compared with mindless video games and a bargain considering the craftsmanship, quality and enlightenment that comes with the product.” 
Laurel Walker - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel