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The Nine Worlds - A Dictionary of Norse Mythology
By Douglas "Dag" Rossman

Written by the the author of "The Dragonseeker Saga", Norse expert Dag Rossman has assembled this concise, practical collection of all the things unique to Nordic Mythology. The Nine Worlds is an annotated dictionary of the principal mythological beings, places and magical implements mentioned in the Eddas - the tales of Viking Age Scandinavia. A fascinating preface by the author puts Norse mythology in context. Illustrated in black & white by Sharon Rossman. Paperback 112 pages

"In the case of the Scandinavians, before their conversion to Christianity, the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology gave meaning to life's imponderable mysteries... In The Nine Worlds, Dag Rossman explains in some detail the belief system of the Viking Age... The text is a succinct yet fascinating read, the illustrations are beautifully executed and illuminate what must have been in the minds' eye of our Nordic ancestors as they sought balance in their universe."
- Darrell D. Henning, Chief Curator of the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa

"The Nine Worlds dictionary is immensely useful as a quick reference source for terms and names from Norse mythology. I have used the earlier edition for years. It always sits on the shelf within an arms reach from my desk. But this edition is much more. Rossman is a passionate writer who - in his quick literary sketches - draws the reader in the mysteries of the myths and makes you hungary for more knowledge."
- Liv Dahl, Manager of the Heritage Programs and Administrative Director of the Sons of Norway Foundation.

"Dag Rossman's comprehensive knowledge of Scandinavian myth and attention to accuracy is clear in the dictionary entries alone. Yet you'll study the preface, "Putting Norse Mythology in Context," as much as the definitions themselves, for it is the work of a profoundly reflective student of this lore."
- Jodi Forrest, author of the The Rhymer and the Ravens