Lewis Chessmen King and Queen Bookends

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Lewis Chessmen King and Queen Bookends

Imported exclusively by NorseAmerica

Includes a historical book from the British Museum.

The NorseAmerica Viking “Isle of Lewis” chess set bookends are enlarged reproductions of the 12th-century chessmen found in 1831 on the island of Lewis in the Hebrides, Scotland. Experts regard the originals, skillfully carved between the years 1100 and 1130 AD, as "the most exquisite collection of ancient chessmen in existence." These are the same bookends sold in the museum stores in Norway. In every way possible, these bookends are designed to maintain the integrity of the hand-carved walrus-tusk originals. Made in Europe from a crushed-stone and polyester-resin compound, these bookends look and feel like pieces from the ancient chess set—only larger. Whether you display them as freestanding ornamental sculpture or as bookends, they will add a stately feel to your home or office.

Own a set of museum-quality replicas of ancient Viking art objects, designed for serious collectors and devoted chess players alike. This bookend set includes 1 King and 1 Queen each in their own retail box, and a historical insert about the history of the pieces. Each free standing piece is approximately 6 inches tall.

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