Hardanger Bunad, Female

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The Norwegian bunad figurines in this collection make excellent Norwegian gifts. These bunad figurines are unique among Norwegian folk dolls because they are exact replicas in miniature of the actual bunad costume. They will be cherished for generations.

Hardanger Bunad Figurine
The Hardanger bunad figurine portrays a woman’s bunad from the Hardanger Fjord area, located in the county of Hordaland, Norway. The Hardanger bunad is the most famous of all the Norwegian folk costumes. In the romantic era of the last part of the 19th century, it became the national costume, and it was copied all over the country, although usually simplified. The Hardanger bunad has never been out of use. Even the local districts had their local design specific to them. There is also a difference of a married woman and a young girls bunad. The woman wear a headdress and a silver belt, and they look more dressed up than the young girls. The Hardanger women also traditionally had a winter bunad.

About the Bunad Figurine Collection
The NorseAmerica Bunad Figurine Collection is a great gift giving idea and a wonderful way to share the traditions of our heritage with our children and grandchildren. The collection is made up of 21 authentically replicated national costumes and is the same collection sold in Norway. It will be cherished by your family for years and years to come. Each 7 inch tall statuette is sculptured by a master craftsman, cast in a crushed stone and resin compound, and hand painted to preserve even the minutest detail. The collection has been assembled in collaboration with, and is recommended by, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Norsk Folkemuseum, located in Oslo and The Folk and National Costume Council, Bunad-og Folkedraktrådet, located in Fagernes.