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Gods of Asgard
by Erik Evensen
Softcover 6" x 9", 160 pages, published Fall 2007

Gods of Asgard is an award winning, full-length graphic novel of Norse mythology. The sheer length and quality production materials immediately let you know this is no ordinary comic. In fact, it is an authentic research project that is like getting the equivalent of a college education in Norse mythology in a media that is easy to digest and enjoyable to read for people of all ages. The concise retelling of the myths combined with the stunning illustrations greatly increases the readers understanding of concepts that are much more difficult to grasp in other books on the subject. From the Creation to Ragnarok, the Norse myths come alive in this 160-page, black-and-white, perfect bound book. This book is a must have for young readers interested in the subject to serious academics and practitioners of The Old Ways.

Inspired by his Scandinavian heritage, and drawing on translations of the original source material, it is the realization of the lifelong dream of artist / author Erik Evensen. Although mythology figures prominently in the world of comics, a true, straightforward adaptation has a never been published until now. It is published with the help of a grant from the Xeric Foundation, an organization whose purpose is to give financial assistance to comic book self-publishers, on the basis of originality, literary and artist merit, and commitment to the medium. Gods of Asgard received the maximum Xeric Grant for spring 2007.

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"Well-researched and skillfully crafted, this is an excellent contribution to comics and to mythology. Evensen imbues the pantheon with expression and the perfect quirkiness of character for each god. Readers of graphic novels and mythology both new and experienced will be delighted. I would recommend it to classroom teachers and school librarians with highest praise. Middle and high school students, even upper-elementary myth-lovers, can increase their knowledge of an oft-skirted but important pantheon and experience directly the finished product of a funded, authentic research project."
-- J. Bucky Carter, Comics Scholar, University of Southern Mississippi and the editor of Building Literacy Connections With Graphi Novels: Page by Page, Panel by Panel.

"Evensen brings comics readers a huge leap closer to the medieval Eddas with his respectful retelling of the Norse Myths. I'm glad to see Gods of Asgard in print."
-- Dr. Merrill Kaplan, Assistant Professor of Folklore and Scandinavian Studies, The Ohio State University

"Evensen's passion for Norse myths is evident in his 2007 Xeric Award-winning graphic novel adaptation. The dynamic black-and-white, comic-style illustrations help the dialogue along and bring to life the creatures and world that continue to inspire so many modern writers... Overall this book is a solid addition for mythology collections or graphic novel collections that include graphic nonfiction or classics adaptations."
-- Brenna Shanks, Voice of Youth Advocates, VOYA October 2007

"It's clear that Evensen has an impressive knowledge of the myths of Asgard, but he presents these stories in a way that make them accessibly and fun to those who wouldn't know an Aesir from a Jotun. An indispensable educational account of Norse myths as well as a breezy, fun read with excellent cartooning, this is one of the indy comics gems of the year."
-- Randy Lander, Comic Pants

"Having slogged my way through some of Bulfinch's Mythology and a few of those long, digressive old Norse poems in college, I was incredibly impressed with Evensen's presentation of these stories. Evensen tells these myths concisely with solid art and no unnecessary exposition. This is the first time I have truly comprehended the point of some of these stories."
Comic review from Geeks of Doom