Oseberg Brooch Norse Viking jewelry

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Oseberg Brooch - bronze brooch
Made in Norway

Copies are made as a brooch in bronze or silver. The brooch measures 3” wide by 1 3/4” tall. The front side is cast directly from the original piece from the Viking Age and is made in Norway.

The original was cast in bronze. It is a stylized and artistic presentation in early Oseberg style of an animal figure similar to one on a Oseberg sledge. The likeness with wooden Oseberg artifacts indicates local production. The brooch was probably used to hold a coat together. The brooch, dated between 700 and 800 AD, is one of the oldest and most spectacular finds at Kaupang. It is a fine example of the unique artistic style of art in the early Viking age. The Viking artists distanced themselves from the European heritage and developed their own unique style over time. The characteristic gripping beast plays a central role in the unique Viking age art.