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Goat brooch

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Thor, the god of thunder, rain and farming in Norse mythology, rode the heavens in a wagon pulled by two goats. This ornament from about 700 AD shows the two goats, Tanngrisni "gap-tooth" and Tanngnost "tooth-grinder". It was found in one of Denmark's richest Viking Age settlements from 600-1000 AD, near Tissoe, a lake in West Zealand. Attesting to the wealth of the settlement are the remains of a large manor, a heavy gold necklace weighing over 2 pounds and countless other pieces. The lake is named after the Viking god of victory Tyr, and swords, lances, and axes offered to the god have been found there as well. Cast in high quality silver directly from the original Viking Age artifact.

Brooch measures 7/8" high and 1 1/2" wide

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