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Fana Bunad Figurine

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The Norwegian bunad figurines in this collection make excellent Norwegian gifts. These bunad figurines are unique among Norwegian folk dolls because they are exact replicas in miniature of the actual bunad costume. They will be cherished for generations.

Fana Bunad Figurine
The Fana bunad figurine portrays the woman’s bunad from Fana, located in the county of Hordaland, Norway. The formal custome from Fana has been in use since antiquity. Antique costumes and photos have been well preserved, so we know exactly how the costume used to look. There has always been a distict difference between the woman's bunad, and the girl's bunad and that tradition continues today. When women get married, they change the blue hem on the skirt to a green one. Married women can also wear a silver pendant and a belt with silver ornaments. The bunad silver is usually gilded. Only married woman can use different colored stones in their jewelry. The skirt is made from either black or dark blue wool with a green hem and is finely pleated. The jacket is also made from either a black or dark blue wool, has a floral pattern trim, and is open to the waistline. The bodice is made of damask or wool with velvet or silk trim. The color of the bodice trim can either be green, which was used in the 19th Century, or blue which was used in the girl's bunad. The bodice is open with a loose insert in the front. The insert can be made of different patterns and colors that are either embroidered, beaded, or woven. The white apron could have different patterns and techniques.

About the Bunad Figurine Collection
The NorseAmerica Bunad Figurine Collection is a great gift giving idea and a wonderful way to share the traditions of our heritage with our children and grandchildren. The collection is made up of 21 authentically replicated national costumes and is the same collection sold in Norway. It will be cherished by your family for years and years to come. Each 7 inch tall statuette is sculptured by a master craftsman, cast in a crushed stone and resin compound, and hand painted to preserve even the minutest detail. The collection has been assembled in collaboration with, and is recommended by, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Norsk Folkemuseum, located in Oslo and The Folk and National Costume Council, Bunad-og Folkedraktrådet, located in Fagernes.

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