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Leuterit Viking Sword

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Leuterit Viking Sword - Circa 750 AD

This is a real combat ready Viking weapon. It is a replica of one of the most beautiful and deadly swords from The British Museum. The original museum artifact had the name "Leuterit" engraved on the blade - believed to be the smith that made it. Our replica sword does not have the engraved Leuterit name, but is otherwise true to the size and weight of the original, and to its deadly beauty. It is made from high carbon steel, and yet is extremely light weight, making it a highly effective weapon that is capable of both cutting, and thrusting. The sword is well tempered, meaning that you can bend it, and it will spring back into its original position and not stay bent like a cheap sword imitation would. It is also a delight for the eye to behold. The silver pommel and guard are tastefully decorated with copper lozenges, and it has a beautiful wood grip that is studded with silver tacks for a very secure and comfortable grip. It comes complete with a scabbard, which allows the sword to be sheathed and worn on a belt. This replica sword and scabbard combination is a real bargain. Whether prominently displayed in a home or office, or worn for reenactments, it is a must have for any Viking enthusiast.

Key Features:
• High-carbon steel blade
• Authentic styling
• Scabbard included

• Blade length: 31“
• Blade width 2 3/8"
• Overall length: 38 1/4“
• Weight: 2 lbs. 8 oz

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